How does resentment show up in your relationships?

Are you often frustrated with your spouse? Do you find yourself being critical of your spouse? Are you distant from or disinterested in your spouse? Resentment is often difficult to recognize; we don't usually recognize resentment initially. We recognize other emotions that are symptoms of resentment much more readily. Any negative emotion can be a symptom of resentment.
This resentment is like a cancer to a marriage, and to any other relationship. It slowly erodes anything that is positive in a relationship. Left unrecognized and unaddressed, in time, resentment can make you think there was never anything good in a relationship. Divorce, infidelity, abuse, frequent fighting, and many more are all results of longstanding, unchecked resentment. 
Addressing this resentment, helping you to recognize how it is affecting your relationships, especially your marriage relationship, is my goal in coaching. I will teach you tools to help you recognize and, more importantly, to overcome, this resentment so that you can heal your relationships. As you do so, you will be able to find the peace and happiness you are searching for.


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