The Story Behind DocDennis Coaching

It's not where you've been, but where you're going...

I graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2001. After completing my Family Medicine residency in Johnson City, New York in 2004, I started my own Family Medicine private practice and served patients in the Elk Ridge, Payson, and Salem, UT area until 2014.

On a superficial level, I knew my thoughts were important, but on a practical level, I acted as if they weren't - that all thoughts are true, valid, and acceptable to act on. I found out the hard way that this isn't true, neither is it healthy, helpful, or productive. This way of being and showing up in the world led me to make some significant mistakes. It has taken considerable time and effort to correct and overcome the effects these mistakes had on my marriage and my family. Thus began my journey into learning about the power of thoughts.

This journey taught me, in a deep and very personal way, the dangers of lack of awareness of thoughts, lack of, or ignoring boundaries, and of taking loved ones for granted.

I discovered these ideas resonated with me! I know it sounds cliche', but these ideas lit me on fire!

I learned the importance of paying attention to my thoughts, that my thoughts matter, that my thoughts dictate my emotions and behaviors. I learned the pitfalls of resenting those I love. I learned that I had to take care of myself before trying to take care of others.

I learned that in some manner, I wanted to share these ideas, principles, and truths that have helped me so much. I want to help others struggling with the same experiences I had been through. I want to try and prevent others from even having to go through those same experiences, and to do so by focusing my coaching on resentment in marriages. 

I was studying one day, and found something that linked health and being a physician to mental health and thought awareness. Never before had the connection between physical health and mental health been so clear to me. What I found was a study that concluded that abuse, with all its damaging side effects, was the #1 health crisis in America. This was the critical piece that has led me to realize I can have a greater impact on someone's health through coaching and thought work than through traditional medicine.

I am now a Certified Life Coach, through the Clarity Point Coaching program with a special interest in coaching on healing resentment in marriage. I have seen in my own life and relationship with my wife, the power of the tools I will teach you. I know from my own experience that these tools will enhance your life---they will literally change your life for the better! These tools will help you become more aware of the subconscious thoughts driving your behaviors. It is so rewarding and humbling to see the "a-ha" moments when clients recognize their ability to intentionally choose their thoughts, and how this awakens the inherent power and abilities within each one of us. Being intentional allows you to be a better, more authentic version of you; it's something I have physically watched happen! What a privilege and honor to help facilitate your ability to help yourself, to see your growth and progression! I would be honored to have these experiences with you!


The Concoby Family

My family is wonderful! Their support and love was, and is, an anchor for me. For so long, I had taken them for granted and even resented them. It is wonderful to not think that way, feel that way, or treat them that way any longer. My journey brought, and continues to bring, so much contentment, peace, and joy to me and my family, and gives us a more fulfilling life.

These are my people!